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Pipe Gallery Main Cabin Run-Through in Nanliu Road/Nansan Road Intersection of Shanghai MCC20 Qingdao New Airport Pipe Gallery Project
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:04 April 2018

With the smooth concreting of the last piece of main cabin wall top slab on February 1, the main cabin of the pipe gallery works at the intersection between Nanliu Road and Nansan Road of Shanghai MCC20 Qingdao New Airport was successfully completed run-through, signifying the realization of the phased goals. The construction of key milestones was successfully completed for the project.

As restricted by the inability to excavate on the construction site in the early period and by the cross construction of the surrounding house construction projects, the construction of the site started late. In order to meet project duration requirements, the Project Department made meticulous planning and careful arrangements. Combined with BIM model analysis, the site construction was divided into 16 sections of pipe galleries. The site construction teams overcame many unfavorable factors e.g. rainy season and winter construction, and cumulatively poured concrete by 35 times. This laid the foundation for the complete whole line run-through operation of the Nanliu Road Integrated Pipe Gallery.

The intersection part was in length of 132m and excavation depth of -14m. It was the most complex part of the integrated pipe gallery project in the work area and terminal area of the Qingdao New Airport. In order to meet the need for gravity-flow of sewage into the gallery, the structure design adopted the method of drop slab. The single cabin of Nansan Road was located above the main cabin of Nanliu Road, the Nansan Road double cabin was located under the main cabin of Nanliu Road, and the main cabin of Nanliu Road was converted from double cabins to three cabins at this part. Meanwhile, the Nanliu Road gas cabin was arranged independently and closely against the main cabin, and alternately up and down with the single cabin and double cabins of Nansan Road.

(Shanghai MCC20 Wang Peng /Photo Report)

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