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Government Delegation of Hungary Visited the Group Company
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:05 November 2018

Government Delegation of Hungary Visited the Group Company

Affected and driven by the national “Belt and Road Initiative”, the government delegation composed of 10 people, including Tállai András László, Secretary of the Hungarian Parliament, Vice Minister of Ministry of Finance, Member of Parliament, and Secretary of BAZ State Committee of Fidesz Party, and his delegation, made a friendly visit to the Group Company on September 5th.

Xu Li, General Manager & Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, extended a warm welcome to the visit of the delegation on behalf of MCC20. He made a detailed introduction of the development history, corporate culture and domestic and foreign project performance of the Group Company. After visiting the honor showroom, Minister Tállai András László fully recognized the corporate strength and scale of MCC20. He also expressed his appreciation and admiration for the performance of MCC20 in the past decades.

Later, both parties communicated widely and deeply on the Hungarian market and potential cooperative projects. The delegation expressed that they had rich harvest from the visit, which would not only help drawing lessons from each other, but also strongly promote the friendly cooperation between Chinese and Hungarian enterprises. Finally, both parties indicated that they would have further connection and communication on the logistics center project of the second international airport in Hungary.

Mária Kovács-Manninger, Commercial Counselor of Consulate-General of Hungary in Shanghai, Gubicza Ágoston, Vice Minister & Economic Affair Consultant, Kiss Ildikó, Bidding Affair Consultant, Dr. Fekete Zoltán, Mayor of Mezokovesd, Zhou Yongping, Chinese Affair Director of Chamber of Commerce of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megye, Szalontai László, founder of Hungary-China Social Relation Development Promotion (Foundation) Association, Yang Wenhou, General Manager of Peking University Science Park, He Yuanhong, General Manager & Secretary of the Party Committee of China MCC20 Group Overseas Engineering Technology Company, and Huang Wenlong, Vice General Manager, took part in the meeting.

(Overseas Engineering Technology Company   Reported by Hu Xiaobo  Photo taken by Wang Jun, Department of party work)

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